Core components


Service Discovery and Configuration

Registers every application allowing for them to easily find each other. Discovery is done via a DNS or HTTP interface.



Used to ship containers. All your code is contained and not dependent on the underlying OS, which allows for portability across different hosts/systems.


Application Deployment

Deployes all the applications that make up Mantl. It is an agentless configuration management and app deployment tool.


Cluster Management & Scheduling

Supports automation of deployment, ops, and scaling of containerized applications. Fully integrated with Consul and Traefik.


HTTP Reverse Proxy & Load Balancer

A lightweight reverse proxy and load balancer that supports multiple backends. Dynamically updates configuration without restarting allowing for easy and automated Microservice deployment.


Container Orchestration

Schedules and orchestrates for Mesos. Takes specifications for apps to run and lets you scale them up and down, deploy new versions, or roll back. Ensures that a service is healthy and restarts it if it ever fails.


Secret Storage

How and where to store secrets can pose major problems for DevOps teams. Vault encrypts and provides access to secrets, handles leases, key revocation and rolling.



Provisions infrastructure on your own data centre (ie. OpenStack, VMWare) or on any major cloud provider, which include AWS and GCP. Can be installed on bare metal and virtual machines.


Resource Management

Abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other compute resources away from machines allowing for an elastic and fault-tolerant single-pool of resources.


Container Storage & Networking

Addresses container storage and networking. Specifies infrastructure operational policies for container-based application deployment.


Add-ons are Ansible roles or other software configurations that have been known to work well with Mantl. These are not as tested and maintained as the core components.


Implements a distributed filesystem. It is used for container volume management and syncing around the cluster.


Used to add the IP per container functionality. Calico connects Docker containers through IP no matter which worker node they are on.

ELK Stack

ELK combines Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to provide automatic metrics collection from all Mantl nodes to an Elasticsearch cluster. Kibana allows for visualization and analysis of this data.


Used for job orchestration. Chronos is a distributed cron service and fault-tolerant scheduler that runs on top of Mesos.

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