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Runs On Any Cloud

Focus on your apps, not on configuration. Playbooks and roles will work on any provider (or metal) as long as it can run CentOS 7 or equivalent. Openstack, bare metal, Vagrant, GCP, VMware and AWS are all supported. To ensure quality, Mantl is tested against a range of cloud providers, and support for other clouds is easy to set up using integrated component Terraform.

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Focus on your expertise. Setting up a microservices infrastructure can be an incredibly time-consuming task. Mantl harnesses the best-of-breed open source components and packages them as a single, intuitive runtime environment for microservices. A curated stack saves you time on design and deployment, time that can be used to write code, focus on your core skills and ultimately innovate.

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Data Solution

Manage your resources effectively. Data demands are growing by the day making it more difficult to analyze and store. Setting up a system to support Big Data can take months and can leave you with all sorts of security and networking problems. Mantl can run all the frameworks supported on Apache Mesos, making it a great solution for data services. These include: Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka and Elastic Search, which can all easily be deployed using mantl-api.

Integrated Cloud Services

Balanced and fully-connected components. Consul for Service discovery, Vault for secret storage, Traefik for load balancing, Docker for native container support, and ELK for logging. These are just some of the integrated cloud services that make up Mantl architecture, with others being added daily. A fully curated experience means that you won’t have to worry about gluing these essential services together to set up your platform — it’s all available right out-of-the-box.

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Connecting Containers

A container orchestrator. Mantl utilizes multi-data center configuration and virtual networking through tools that are scalable, easy to deploy and secure. Are you running complex applications on multiple data centers? Then it’s even more important for your services to run efficiently and securely. Mantl offers a solution by using add-ons like Project Calico to add the IP per container functionality, and Contiv for infrastructure operational policy specification.

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Easy Provisioning

Deploy all your services in one go. The Mantl framework provisions both infrastructure and software as code allowing you to deploy your services and applications in a repeatable and automated manner. Integrated components like Ansible (brings up nodes and clusters), and Terraform (provisions virtual machines), ensure that the installation of all components goes smoothly, saving you the hassle.

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Designed for DevOps

By offering a centralized platform that can be standardized across applications, Mantl simplifies and automates your software development lifecycle. It is an end-to-end solution that enables your DevOps teams to focus on writing great code, not building and automating infrastructure. What usually takes months to deliver can be done quickly and efficiently, saving your enterprise major costs.

No Vendor Lock-in

Easily adapt to new environments, technologies and practices. As an enterprise you should be able to run your applications without hassle on any cloud. By using the best open-source components out there, Mantl ensures portability across all vendors giving your enterprise the flexibility and freedom that it needs.

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Code Portability

Write code and deploy. The Mantl framework is able to provision both infrastructure and software as code, allowing for maximum portability. Instead of jumping through hoops each time code is moved, your team can deploy their apps anywhere in a repeatable and automated manner. There is no need for separate installs, which offers your enterprise a durable and future-proof solution.

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High Availability

Customers should always be able to reach your services. In order to reduce (scheduled) downtime, you require a flexible system that can react rapidly to changes and growing demands. Mantl utilizes validated core components, such as Apache Mesos, to support a highly available infrastructure. 100% uptime for all your systems and applications doesn’t have to be out of reach.

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Curated Experience

Mantl packages together all the components needed to set up your microservices infrastructure as a single and intuitive platform. Each industry standard component is open source and has been tested to ensure its interactivity with the rest of the platform. Mantl is ready to use right out-of-the-box but, if your team chooses, they can still configure the environment allowing for easy integration with the system they currently work in.

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Built-in Security

Building a microservices infrastructure calls for a collection of tools that must be deployed, managed, and integrated separately. This process often leaves holes in your network security and management. Mantl simplifies this by offering fully integrated security features, allowing your team to maintain control over their microservices environment without having to worry about configuration.

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