The Bedrock of Hassle Free
Microservices Infrastructure


A container orchestrator, docker, a network stack, something to pool your logs, something to monitor health, a sprinkle of service discovery and some automation. Sound familiar?

Creating container infrastructure seems cooler than being in a band at college… Everyone’s doing it. Often with the same tools, often with the same goals, yet no two deployments are alike.

We’re creating snowflakes from the glue; and glueflakes are bad! Like Decaf, or warm beer.

The whole stack.

DevOps, It’s all about agility, so we’re told; Get your application up fast, be the first, pivot quickly, improve often.

But when you're deploying microservices, you'll soon run into problems. How to describe a deployment? Where should you run which service? How do you connect them together? Where should you store secrets? Where should the logs go?

These questions call for a new kind of stack. Mantl is your answer.


Introducing Mantl

A batteries included end to end solution for your microservices infrastructure.

Mantl’s ethos is to focus a community around an end to end solution, not around an individual component; designed to solve business and team challenges, one glue, improved by the community, tested everywhere.

Use less glue

Mantl provides all the components you need to deploy your microservices platform. We have chosen industry standard components and made them work well together, so you don't have to write any glue code. You can focus on your application instead.

Debug your application, not your infrastructure.


We're cloud agnostic, so you can run Mantl on a number of providers. Openstack, Bare Metal, Vagrant, GCE and AWS are all available, and support for new providers is easy to accomplish using Terraform.